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The small sister island of Mauritius or the Cinderella Mascarene are the nicknames given to Rodrigues Island. It is 650 kilometers north of Mauritius in a protected lagoon, is therefore part of the Mascarene. Rodrigues has a very small size; being of volcanic origin, its landscape is mainly composed of mountains, also the capital Port Mathurin is located in the north.

Climate Rodrigues is drier and warmer than Mauritius. Therefore, in summer and winter, the sea temperature is ideal (at least 22 degrees than 35 degrees).


Its natural assets offer local as vacationers a variety of sports and aquatic adventures that will differentiate from one coast to the other thanks to the climate. Note that the flora is protected, the Great Mountain reserve protects the forest and the island is described as a reservation for rare species such as turtles or birds.

The one that is named after the Portuguese explorer Diego Rodriguez has a mixed population with a trained lifestyle casual. The legendary hospitality of its people, the beauty of its landscape, its authenticity and wild side, make the island of Rodrigues an exotic destination relaxation par excellence.


How not to mention talk Rodrigues regattas! This sports competition that drives the island for years is a real tradition! This moment of competition but also sharing is rooted in the culture. The latter is based on European, African and Malagasy influences that is reflected in the music and dance from the island.

The economy of Rodrigues is moving around fishing, livestock, agriculture and tourism. The kite festival in June is an example of efforts by doing Rodrigues for the development of tourism.


Climate - Weather

The rain is very rare in Rodrigues.

From November to April: summer in the southern hemisphere season, temperatures range between 28 ° C and 32 ° C in a hot, humid weather. This is also the period when the cyclone risks are greatest (especially in January and February). From May to October, "winter" brings a little wind southeast dominant and temperatures between 16 ° C and 27 ° C. The sea stays warm all year with a slight cooling in winter (23 ° C in winter to 27 ° C in summer).


Time difference - Flight Time

Compared to France, 4:00 Rodrigues ahead in winter and two hours in summer. When it is 12am in Paris, it is 16h or 14h in Port-Mathurin. Flight duration: take about 12 hours flight to Mauritius from Paris and 1h30 from interisland link. The connection is 2 hours if you come from Réunion (still air).



People aged over 16 years have the right to make 250g of tobacco (including cigars and cigarettes), 1 liter of spirits and 2 liters of wine or beer.



The current is AC type 220 volts, 50 Hz. Most hotels have adapters.


Public Holidays

Given the religious diversity of the island, there are 13 public holidays. Some depend on the lunar calendar.

1 and 2 January: New Year.

Banana Day is one of the most important of the island, during which the population celebrates the New Year with family. Typical Creole dishes and sacrifice of a pig, to be enjoyed as a grill, sausage, gratons ...

February 1: Abolition of slavery.

March 12: Anniversary of independence (declared in 1968).

May 1: Labor Day.

August 15: Assumption.

Days Autonomy is celebrated on October 12th: concerts, village festivals, invention competitions, etc.

November 1: All Saints.

Creole Festival takes place in early December. Cities and villages organize competitions Sega (traditional dance), craft exhibitions, tasting of regional dishes, etc. A music concert of the Indian Ocean on fence.

December 25: Christmas.



The official language is English, but French and Creole are also spoken by the population.


Currency - Payment

The currency is the Mauritian rupee (Rs). 1 € = about 40 Rs.  To purchase currency, you can change your euro banknotes and traveler's checks in different banks exchange offices, hotels or at the airport. American Express, Diners, MasterCard and Visa cards are sometime accepted in Rodrigues, but it is not common.



Nudism is not allowed on public beaches of the island. Topless and thongs are also to be avoided. The monokini is tolerated on direct beach hotels. Compliance with temples, churches and mosques: Remember to remove your shoes, avoid shorts and miniskirts.



Anyone who stay in Rodrigues must hold a valid passport after return date. Other conditions: hold a return ticket and sufficient funds to cover living expenses.

The citizens of the European Union do not need a visa.

For all other nationalities thank you to contact the Embassy of Mauritius.


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